Series of 3D Models Done in University

With permission from my instructor, I shall continue to present my 3D works while at school. This time, Blender was used for the works. The first model is the Michigan Frog, the second is the Hawker Cart. And for the final assignment, a vehicle based of the Zbee.

Urban City

For a good reason, I chose the urban settings for all my school assignments, so while I made mistakes with the assignments, I was able to gather the best assets, create some new ones in Blender and managed to create a liveable metropolis.

Mushroom Village

This is a Smurf-inspired mushroom village modelled with Autodesk Maya, detail painted with Autodesk Mudbox, props arranged in Houdini and rendered in Unity 5. The map was based off Brisbane, Australia, with a city centre and suburb-type surroundings arrangement. The terrain was created in Mudbox, the plants and trees were created in Autodesk Maya Unity’s […]